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Attention Allergists, Immunologists & Pulmonologists

by | Jan 20, 2019 | Air Purifiers, Allergy, HEPA Vacuums | 0 comments

Attention Allergists, Immunologists & Pulmonologists

Your Patients Need Us 


Experts In The Allergy & Asthma Products Industry Since 1989

Providing only top quality (Made In The USA & Canada) 100% sealed HEPA air purifiers, 100% sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners, dust mite proof/bed bug proof bedding encasings and a large selection of other important allergy & Asthma Products for dust, allergy and asthma control

Please Provide Our Free Allergy/Asthma Product Catalogs To Your Patients

My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Allergy Products. This letter is a request to your office physicians and injection nurses that see your patients suffering from allergies, asthma, COPD and immune dysfunctions to provide them with our allergy, asthma, COPD and environmental products catalogs with easy to see and use check mark boxes next to each product so we can supply your patients with only the highest quality (Made In The USA) & (Made In Canada) products available on the market at extremely good prices. Most orders will qualify for free shipping! The catalogs also show our website address where your patients can find additional information on our products along with opportunities for great online specials and free top quality allergy/asthma product giveaways! Our quality allergy and asthma products really will make a positive and noticeable difference for your patients while greatly reducing and removing the triggers that cause allergy, asthma, COPD and other chronic immune system and respiratory problems.

Each Allergy/Asthma Products Catalog Includes On The Back Page 

Detailed Information On How To Keep The Patients Home Clean & Allergen Free


The back page of each allergy/asthma product catalog includes detailed step by step information on how to diligently keep the home clean, free of clutter and allergen free. Steps include cleaning with non-reactive cleaning products. VOC safe paints & stains, finding and repairing leaks, keeping A/C furnace systems clean, utilizing high quality 100% leakage free HEPA air purifiers in any room where the patient spends a lot of time, vacuuming often with a 100% sealed from leakage HEPA vacuum cleaner and why dust mite proof bedding encasings are so important!

I am an established expert (Since 1989) in the field of indoor air quality and the allergy control products industry. I have taken booths to show my products and catalogs successfully multiple times in yearly trade shows for the American Academy Of Allergy And Immunology (AAAAI). We sold the business a number of years ago and the good news is that our non compete agreement has now past. We are back, and we presently have a corner booth space in this years (AAAAI) trade show! I can assure you that the allergy and asthma product selection we offer will provide your patients with the absolute best dust mite proof encasings, HEPA Air Purifiers, HEPA Vacuum cleaners, nebulizer-compressors and the best selection of many other allergy and asthma control products on the market to greatly reduce the triggers that cause environmental allergies, asthma, COPD flair ups and other chronic respiratory and immune dysfunction problems.

Many of the products we choose to sell are different and higher in quality than what the other allergy product catalog companies sell which are often much lower quality Chinese made products typically already available in big box stores and online for less money to your many patients! It won’t take long for your patients to notice and appreciate that our allergy products are far superior to the others on the market!

We take great pride in choosing the allergy products we sell. I urge you to check out the product lines on our website at Our customer service is unsurpassed!

Please Supply Your Patients With A Link To Our Website On Your Website

We request your office if possible to please provide a link to our company on your website for your patients to benefit from by providing them with the most updated allergy products and information above and beyond the information in our catalog that includes, up to date product prices, special online deals and educational allergy related articles.

We Will Give Your Patients Valuable FREE Allergy & Asthma Products

When your patients receive our free allergy products catalogs and go to our website at for more information, they can then join our mailing list for allergy related information and product specials. We will give them special discounted product deals and coupons for free high value allergy and asthma products that normally sell for up to $125.00. These are products that patients typically need. Patients can receive these free products when they purchase and keep our (On Special) HEPA air purifiers and or Air Storm Deluxe HEPA vacuum cleaners.

Examples of our free giveaways include: Dust Mite proof/bed bug proof mattress encasings that fit any size mattress up to 16 inches deep, Free washable custom made-to-size 88% efficient self charging electrostatic A/C – Furnace air filters, Free nebulizer compressor machines (with prescription), Free digital humidity/temperature monitors and other valuable products! These free high quality allergy and asthma products are the same exact ones that we normally sell everyday in our allergy products catalog and in our website. These free allergy and asthma products also include free shipping!

FREE Allergy & Asthma Indoor Air Quality And Product Phone Consultations

For additional information please call and ask for Barry Cohen the owner. Your office staff and patients will always receive a 100% free indoor air quality and allergy/asthma products phone consultations (Without Sales Hype) to make sure that they are getting the correct products that will best fit their direct needs! 

Call Toll Free at 1-833-NOMITES or Call 561-629-5618            (666-4837)


Absolute Allergy Products See Our Website At 

Barry Cohen——President/Owner

3164 Medinah Circle East / Lake Worth Florida 33467


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